DENVER, COLORADO, January 12, 2023

Apartment Investment and Management Company ("Aimco") (NYSE: AIV) announced today the federal income tax allocation of its 2022 distribution paid to holders of its Class A Common Stock. The following table summarizes the allocation:

Class A Common Stock (CUSIP 03748R747)

Record Date Payable Date Distribution per Share Ordinary Taxable Income 1 Long-Term Capital Gain 2 Section 199A Dividends 3 Section 1061 One Year Amounts Disclosure 4 Section 1061 Three Year Amounts Disclosure 4
9/14/22 9/30/22 $0.02 53.53967% 46.46033% 53.53967% 46.46033% 0.00000%
  1. This percentage of your total distribution will be reported on Box 1a of Form 1099-DIV as Total Ordinary Dividends.
  2. This percentage of your total distribution will be reported on Box 2a of Form 1099-DIV as Total Capital Gain Distributions.
  3. This percentage of your total distribution will be reported on Box 5 of Form 1099-DIV as Section 199A Dividends.
  4. This percentage of your total distribution is being reported to you as a supplemental disclosure pursuant to Treas. Reg. §1.1061-6(c). Section 1061 is generally applicable to direct and indirect holders of “applicable partnership interests.”

Aimco’s tax return for the year ended December 31, 2022, has not yet been filed; therefore, the income tax character shown above has been calculated using the best available information as of the date of this release. The state and local taxation of real estate investment trust distributions varies and may not be the same as the taxation under federal tax laws. Because federal and state tax laws affect individuals differently, Aimco cannot advise shareholders on how distributions should be reported on their tax return and encourages shareholders to consult with their own tax advisors with respect to federal, state, and local income tax consequences of their distributions.

About Aimco

Aimco is a diversified real estate company primarily focused on value add, opportunistic, and alternative investments, targeting the U.S. multifamily sector. Aimco’s mission is to make real estate investments where outcomes are enhanced through its human capital so that substantial value is created for investors, teammates, and the communities in which we operate. Aimco is traded on the New York Stock Exchange as AIV. For more information about Aimco, please visit its website


Tom Marchant, Senior Vice President, Accounting, Tax, & FP&A
Investor Relations: 303-793-4661

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