Investor Relations

Apartment & Investment Management Company (NYSE: AIV) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that targets geographic diversification in our portfolio in order to optimize risk-adjusted returns and to avoid the risk of undue concentration in any particular market. We seek to balance the portfolio by owning communities that offer apartment homes with a range of prices so as to diversify our exposure to economic downturns and to competitive new building supply. We also seek to own properties with the potential for profitable redevelopment.


Our vision is to be the best owner and operator of apartment communities, inspired by a talented team committed to exceptional customer service, strong financial performance, and outstanding corporate citizenship.


Our primary financial objective is to provide predictable and attractive returns to our stockholders. Our commitment to this objective makes Aimco a strong, viable company that offers security to our employees and long-term service to our customers.

At the foundation of our business plan is our ongoing commitment to meeting our obligations to our Investors, employees and customers by maintaining the strength, profitability and long-term viability of Aimco.



  • 4582 South Ulster Street
  • Suite 1700
  • Denver, CO 80237
  • (303) 757-8101

Investor Inquiries

Please contact our Transfer Agent, Computershare to:
Obtain stock certificates,
Change the name or address of the holder of record,
Transfer ownership
or inquire about dividend payments and Forms 1099
Contact your broker if your shares are held in Street name

Transfer Agent

  • Computershare Investor Services LLC
  • PO Box 43078
  • c/o Computershare Trust Company, NA
  • Providence, RI 02940
  • (800) 730-6001